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As expats with property experience in Palawan, we know how challenging it can be to navigate the process of buying real estate in the Philippines.


Searching for real estate in Palawan takes time, and even once you think you've found the right property, there are always lots of documents to check, trips to various government offices, and queues to stand in. Ugh.

Whether you're investing a life in Palawan or selling real estate, what you need is a competent and experienced connection on the island who can help initiate and facilitate deals between buyers and local sellers with an honest and no-nonsense approach.

Countryside rice fields and the slow pace of life in rural Palawan.

Countryside rice fields and the slow pace of life in rural Palawan.

We want to share our knowledge, understanding, and experience to help others achieve their dream of owning a slice of this paradise. 

When you allow us to facilitate a deal for you, we will have your back from day one.

As property owners ourselves who made the move to Palawan, we would never advise anyone to buy property here that isn't checked and legit. If you're a buyer, we recommend verifying all paperwork and documentation through the appropriate local channels. People searching for real estate in the past have gotten burned before, so our referral service is to act as a watchful eye on your potential investments in Palawan.

We would NEVER recommend anyone to pay for real estate in the Philippines before the paperwork has been verified and checked properly. We want your investment to avoid any potential hurdles, headaches, court visits, or disappointments. 

Just another trip to the sea in Palawan - El Nido, Coron Philippines.

Whether you are local, a natural born Filipino living overseas, a dual citizen, or a foreigner, you can trust us to get you local prices, ease the process of acquiring land in Palawan, and be your 'boots on the ground' while coordinating everything you need done on your behalf.

We work with trusted, licensed real estate agents in Palawan to verify all paperwork legally, so we confirm and communicate with you each step along the way towards securing your piece of tropical paradise. When you're trying to make the move to the most beautiful island in the world, we want you to know that your worries are being taken care of by experienced expats who have your back.

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Potential in Palawan

The island of Palawan is rapidly gaining international exposure, and rightfully so.

The Puerto Princesa International airport is expanding and investment is approaching. People are buying property in Palawan to retire, own a farm lot, start a business, live a simpler life, or enjoy as a holiday vacation home. Palawan has a bright future ahead, so long as the people who become owners and caretakers of this pristine paradise have an attitude towards preserving it for future generations.

We provide buyers and sellers of real estate and boats an online marketplace in Palawan.

This island is the best place on Earth to call home. We know that if you are looking for your own slice of this tropical paradise, you want to work with real people who will understand your position, ease the property acquisition process,  and get you the deal you're after.

We've been through the rigmarole of acquiring property in the Philippines. We know the system, processes, and hoops we have to jump through to get things done, and now we can make things easier for you.



If you want to retire, start a business, live the simple life, or acquire a vacation home in Palawan, you've come to the right place.

Contact us to see how we can find you exactly what you're looking for.


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