Lease property in Palawan

We know Palawan is a great island to live and enjoy retirement in the Philippines. That's why we chose to retire  here early, start a business, and live out our days in Palawan enjoying tropical fruit and homemade beer on our massive terrace with a view of the mountains and just up the road from a white sand beach. If you're interested in retiring to Palawan then you've come to the right place.

Photo taken outside Puerto Princesa by local expat, captain Dave.

Photo taken outside Puerto Princesa by local expat, captain Dave.

Can you own real estate or will you have to lease?

Of course, before you get started, know your visa options because depending on which visa is suitable for you, you'll know whether owning or leasing property in the Philippines is right for you.

For those who are former Filipinos or if your spouse is from the Philippines and you plan to live here together, then the path towards owning real estate is a true reality. But if you don't have that family connection to the Philippines and want to live in Palawan, then you will need to find a trustworthy, clean-titled property owner who you can arrange a lease agreement with.

What is a lease in the Philippines?

A lease is a contract for you to use someone else's property as if it were your own. The original owner of the property retains ownership but you get rights to occupy the property for your own use for the duration of the contract.

If you're not a Philippines citizen or married to one, then chances are you will need a legitimate lease agreement to enjoy living in this tropical paradise long-term. Lease terms are set by you and the titled property owner and agreements are ironed out according to your needs. The contract stipulates what rights you have and for how long. Lease terms can be renewed at the end of the agreed period of time to enable you to keep on living here way into old age.

So, in the Philippines, foreigners can lease housing and land from titled property owners and often this is the most hassle-free path towards enjoying a new life on the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan. We recommend all foreigners who lease property to get your agreement checked by a proper lawyer in the Philippines before packing your bags.


Join the family in Palawan and help us look after this great island.

Join the family in Palawan and help us look after this great island.

Lease property from us in Palawan.

If you're unable to own property in the Philippines due to your visa restrictions then have no worries, we can help you.

As a fully registered limited liability company owned by a small group of debt-free expats and Filipino citizens, we own clean titles of multiple properties in Palawan. We also know independent locals who are willing to arrange property lease agreements rather then sell. We have experience with the local system and can set leasing terms according to your needs.

And as always, we recommend the advice of an independent lawyer to give you peace of mind.

Rent a house, live on a farm, or build your own dream home!

Whether you're interested in renting a house, leasing land, settling down on a farm, or constructing a brand new home, our company prides ourselves on enabling foreigners to live in the Philippines with fair leasing contracts to suit your lifestyle.